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Just in range Acquisition

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This is to clearly inform the general audience (past, present, and future) of the immediate acquisition of Justinrange. This acquisition has been made and documented directly towards a genuine improvement in Justinrange users’ satisfaction. We believe this transfer will bring the users of Justinrange closer to the most advanced research team on the net dedicated to the location, analysis, testing, comparison, and the announcement of the best projector solutions. The aim really is to connect the dots where Justinrange left them and bridge the gaps that users are either conscious or unconscious of or both. This is a complete shift in users’ experience.

A Flashback to What Justinrange used to be Justinrange is regarded as a one-stop resource to find relevant and accurate information on home and office electronic devices. The former justinrange team’s main focus is laid upon dishing out contents in form of products review, products description, and buying guides. Some of their most helpful reviews are on; projectors under $500, projectors under $100, $200 and $300, projectors under $1000 range.

Some of those revolving around include; while they have also provided information on; is it possible for projector light to damage your eyes, types of projector, best projector screen, where best to mount a projector, how a projector works, the screen types of the projector. Meanwhile, they have also driven data of searches from Google Search engine to know your most pressing needs are and have provided solutions such as: what are the connecting a projector to a laptop, and home theater projector.

The old team’s workflow was piped through 5 refined processes namely; searching, locating, analyzing, testing, and reviewing. The work of searching revolves around crawling the nooks and crannies of the electronic devices market, both online and offline, for winning products and dozens of brands.

Next is the team responsible for locating data in the form of metrics and stats on the products and brands found by the research team. The analysis team turns back to the research team and the locating team receives the product listing and data found for analysis. This process of analysis yields a final shortlist of the chosen best products alongside the data processed of them. Coming after that, the testing team is given the final shortlist of products to test-drive for a confirmation of the processed data’s accuracy and a finding of new observations.

The whole process comes down to the desk of writers dedicated to providing useful buying guides and product reviews to be given out to the audience.
This process has continuously provided the Justinrange visitors and every electronic device lovers alike to choose the right model under your budget, based on your personal requirements. You have often than not been able to bypass making wrong purchases and every penny you have spent, thanks to Justinrange, has brought you value. You have also been able to receive regular updates on the hottest product trends from the Justinrange newsletter and you can only hope this continues. Well, the best is here… we are here.

Introducing the new team

We are the gaityland.com team, your new Justinrange team. Through the years we have ventured the electronic device market landscape, watching with a keen eye what outlets and stores are missing out that consumers need. We see potential in the low-performing stores, buy them, and rewrite whatever history they’ve had with their audience. We network with the high-performing outlets too, buy them whenever they look to quit and get them on the flywheel.

Just like every other several blogs and sites purchased by us, we have bought Justinrange.com and integrate it with takenmove.com which we bought recently. And our plan is to get these newly integrated review sites leveraged to surpass visitors’ expectations.

Our intentions

The new Justinrange team, the gaityland.com team, has a set of defined aims, goals, objectives, and intents. Our first goal is to check the steps taken by the former team, its successes, how far and how best it has served you, and what value has it gelled out to your experience. And as expected, we have achieved that already.

The last team’s record is in our possession. And having analyzed some of its best content so far such as; best short-throw projectors, 3d projectors, 4k projectors, star projectors, gaming projectors, and outdoor projectors we now know what the less performing contents lack and how to secure providing you only with the relevant contents.

Also from this great article on how to install projectors and how to take care of them properly, our assessment has fetched us almost complete details of what your users want.

We have recently covered other types of projectors as well, that you may be interested in:
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2. The latest Android projectors that you may consider.
3. When you decide to make a bright room as a mini cinema hall, you should purchase the unique quality projectors for the bright room.
Next, we have developed on the whole backend and frontend workflow. We have refined everything from soup to nuts and have strategized a better workflow to scale users’ experience. Lastly, we have built our new team ground-up, ensuring each seat is occupied with experienced and consumer-oriented personnel and that they are passionate about what they do.

Needless to say, the new team has been tested for teamwork performance and to what level it can come together to serve you our audience better. And as collected, we are certain of a huge transformation to Justinrange.com and most especially the Justinrange audience. We are now ready to serve you and looking forward to a great start!