3. Optoma HD142X – The Home Movie Projector

Optoma HD142X is one of the highest-selling home theater projectors that work efficiently in both outdoor and indoor situations. It has numerous positive reviews from an enormous amount of consumers in various e-commerce sites. It offers you all the latest and required features that you will need to host a mesmerizing outdoor movie session.

Primary Features:

  • Full HD native resolution.
  • 33ms input lag.
  • 195-watt lamp with 8000 hours of lamp life.
  • 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness.
  • Full 3D compatibility.
  • MHL compatibility.
  • Projection size between 0.71m and 7.75m.
  • Projection distance between 1m and 10m.


Features Overview:

Optoma HD142X is a potent outdoor 1080p HD projector that has grabbed the eyes of many experts with its lustrous visual performance and other functionalities. It houses Single 0.65″ DC3 DMD chip DLP projection system along with native 1920 X 1080 Full HD resolution and these splendid blend allows the projector to offer jaw-dropping visuals in outdoor condition. To make every visual bright and lucid, the manufacturer has supplied 3000 lumens and 23,000:1 contrast ratio. The color output you will perceive would just amaze you, and it is due to Reference Display Mode and sRGB that achieves 99% accuracy of REC.709.

Optoma HD142X can be depicted as a true open-air model as you can expand the projection size from 28inch to 305inch. The throw distance is also praiseworthy as it is around 1.48 to 1.62:1 thus allowing you to quickly set up the projector without worrying about space. However, you are only going to find 4:3 and 16:9 native aspect ratio with this model which might be an issue for some users. You can even enjoy 3D contents in your outdoor area and that too at 1080p without finding any kind of degradation. For an added experience, you would also have a 10-watt speaker but it won’t great sound output.

Optoma has curated HD142X with decent lamp life, and it has the capability to run for five years with daily four hours usage. With this model, you can connect almost all kind of devices, and for this, it’s HDMI, MHL v2.1, 3D Sync, USB, Audio, 12V trigger, etc. The modification options embedded in this model is quite adequate, and you will get +/- 40-degree vertical keystone, manual zoom, and 116% offset. Carrying this model in the outdoor area won’t weigh down on your hand as it only weighs 5.5lbs.

      • Optimal brightness level with good black depth
      • Fluidic visual quality with high color accuracy
      • 3D visuals without any issue
      • A broad array of screen sizes
      • Good lamp longevity
      • Decent amount of port connections
      • It often shows rainbow effect
      • It doesn’t have lens shift
Special Note:
        • Optoma HD142X can be a smart choice for you as it will not serve your need for outdoor entertainment session but also fulfill your requirement for portability.

4. ViewSonic PJD5555W – The Best Budget Outdoor Projector

ViewSonic PJD5555W is not an ordinary projector as it might look from outside and it meticulously designed that can outclass many top grade models with its performance. It has a series of crucial features that allows the projector to offer top of the line visuals in the outdoor movie session.

Primary Features:

  • 1280 X 800 native resolution with support for 1600 X 1200.
  • 20000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Projection size between 30inches and 300inches.
  • 30bit color depth with 1.07 billion color support.
  • 8000 hours of lamp life.
  • Three years warranty.

Features Overview:

ViewSonic PJD5555W is an exceptional piece of hardware that serves as a quintessential of true craftsmanship. The visual frame quality of this model is incredible, and all the credit goes to 1280 X 800 WXGA native resolution as well as the DLP projection system. Whether there is a minor or massive amount of ambient light in the backyard, you won’t have to worry because it offers 3300 lumens. To maintain top of the line black depth and color output, ViewSonic has embedded this model with 20000:1 contrast ratio and SuperColor technology. This SuperColor technology features a six-segment color wheel that with the help of dynamic lamp color offers huge color accuracy.

With ViewSonic PJD5555W, you will get maximum 1600 X 1200 resolution support which can easily project 1080p visuals. Even though it is not a specialized outdoor projector, but it still offers a screen size range lying between 30inches and 300inches. The 1.5 to 1.65:1 throw ratio enables you to place the projector close to the screen thus allowing to free a lot of space for seating. You will also get a 2-watt internal speaker, but it would render useless in outdoor area so you will need powerful external speakers. This projector provides three aspect ratio which is 16:9, 4:3 and 16:10 which is the native.

ViewSonic PJD5555W allows you to hook many devices and for that, you will get HDMI, Audio 3.5mm, D-Sub 15pin, Composite video, VGA, S-Video, RS232 and Mini USB. The manufacturer has supplied a 190-watt lamp in this model that promises to offer 8000 hours of lamp life in Dynamic Eco Mode. For tuning, you will get all necessary facilities like +/- 40-degree keystone correction, manual focus, and 1.1x Zoom. What sets this projector apart is its three years warranty on parts and one year warranty on the lamp.

      • Astounding price structure
      • It is entirely compact and easy to carry
      • Mindboggling brightness level
      • Ability to projector 3D content at high resolution
      • It offers good options for screen size
      • The longevity of the lamp is quite good
      • The absence of carrying case
      • It often shows rainbow artifacts

Special Note:

        • ViewSonic PJD5555W may not possess top of the line of features, but at the given price structure, it offers one of the best outdoor features in the market.

5. Optoma HD27

Optoma is often considered as the market leader in the outdoor projector segment which is due to their prolific lineup, and it includes their famed HD27. It is an exclusively designed outdoor model that houses much crucial hardware, and they are blended in such a way that it won’t ever give you a chance to frown on its performance.

Primary Features:

  • Native 1080p quality.
  • 3200 ANIS Lumens with 22000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Projection distance: 1.48-1.62:1.
  • Projection size: 28-305inch.
  • Full 3D support.
  • Two years warranty.


Features Overview:

Outdoor movie session has always been problematic as many projectors fail to bring out the quality they are designed to bring out. But Optoma HD27 is one those few projectors which treat its users with a rich and vibrant visual quality, and it is mainly due to its DLP display technology. It even bags 1920 X 1080 native resolution which aids to the razor-sharp visual quality produced by the projector. As it an outdoor model, so it grabs 3200 ANSI lumens that ensure the visuals won’t lose its optimum brightness even if it faces little amount of light pollution.

With Optoma HD27, you won’t ever have to think about clarity and sharpness as it bags 25000:1 contrast which maintains the optimum quality. It comes with the leading Brilliant Color technology that reproduces almost 100% of REC.709 color gamut so you can expect eye-popping color output. To notch up your movie session to next level, Optoma has also given full 3D compatibility so you can easily enjoy 3D movie using the Blu-Ray player. To keep the true essence of the outdoor film session, it offers a whopping screen size range between 25inch and 305inch along with 1.48-1.62:1 throw ratio range. This model comes with a 10-watt inbuilt speaker which ooze a decent sound quality still, you will require more for outdoor.

However, you might not be impressed by Optoma HD27’s lamp longevity as it only offers a maximum 8000hour of life in Dynamic Mode. The sturdy white of this projector houses many vital ports, and you will find HDMI, MHL, 3D VESA Sync, audio, and USB. Like other compact outdoor models, it also grabs 1.1x zoom and +/- 40-degree keystone correction which will assist you to get the best possible image quality. A significant advantage of using it in outdoor sessions is that it won’t disturb you with high fan noise as it keeps the noise level below 26dB. Lastly, you can even carry it in your backpack while traveling because it is compact and weighs only 5.2lbs.

      • Terrific overall visual quality.
      • The clarity and color depth is quite good.
      • It delivers an accurate 3D visual with good depth.
      • It is quiet and doesn’t get overheated.
      • It often faces little light leakage.
      • The zoom lens doesn’t offer much flexibility.

Special Note:

        • Optoma HD27 is a highly potent outdoor projector that will perfectly suit the need of a buyer who is looking for only quality, not any fancy gimmick.

6. Optoma X341 – The Best 1080p Outdoor Projector

When you talk about less known gems in the projector market, then one name that invariably comes in everyone’s mind is Optoma X341. It carries a clean design from outside, but the inner section carries some pretty good hardware that allows the projector to achieve its goal. It is a multipurpose model that maintains performance consistency in both outdoor and indoor condition.

Primary Features:

  • Native 1024 X 768 XGA resolution.
  • 3300 lumens of white and color brightness.
  • Projection size: 28inches to 305inches.
  • Throw ratio: 1.94 to 2.16:1.
  • Full HD 3D compatibility.
  • 4.8lbs overall weight.
  • 10000hours of lamp life in Eco Mode.
  • Wall Color Adjustment technology.

Features Overview:

Optoma X341 is one of those outdoor models that not only amaze its users with the visual performance but also feature list. It carries a 1024 X 768 XGA native resolution that with the help of single 0.55″ DC3 DMD chip DLP technology creates a wonderful visual quality. To maintain vividness in outdoor movie session, it utilizes its 3300 lumens of brightness that works efficiently. The black depth in every frame is also commendable, and it is all due to 22000:1 contrast ratio. This best budget projector also pampers you with high color accuracy, and its sRGB display profile along with BrilliantColor technology ensures that fact.

Optoma X341 is a fully 3D compatible model that can easily preview Full HD 3D contents from Blu-Ray player, PC, 3D TV broadcast system, etc. and that too without any lag. An interesting feature of this models is it’s any surface projection capability which depicts that you can project on the wall using wall color technology. You won’t have an issue with screen size during open-air setup as it will pamper you with a size range between 28inch and 305inches. Even though it has a vast screen size range, but it offers a projection distance ratio between 1.94:1 and 2.16:1.

The longevity of Optoma X341’s 195-watt lamp is around 10000hours which can last more than five years with daily usage. With this model, you won’t miss out connecting any external devices as it offers ports like 1.4a HDMI, Composite video, USB, Audio, VGA, and RS232. It also provides various crucial functionalities like +/- 40-degree keystone correction, 115% offset, horizontal scan, etc. Despite all these incredible features but still lacks an aspect ratio option as you will only find 4:3 and 16:9 format. Optoma looks after the interest of customers quite well and it’s one year warranty with a three-month lamp warrant proves that fact.

      • High-quality visuals with top notch clarity
      • Impressive color accuracy
      • Well balanced brightness level
      • Option for changing the light for wall projection
      • Long lamp life
      • Minimal maintenance
      • It is quite easy to carry
      • The absence of lens shift
      • It oozes out an enormous amount of heat

Special Note:

        • Optoma X341 is an incredible value for money product that cradles you with numerous features and incredible performance that too without pinching your budget.

7. ViewSonic PA503S SVGA Outdoor Projector

ViewSonic PA503S is critically acclaimed outdoor projector in the US that has found its way into numerous user’s backyard, and there is hardly anyone who is dissatisfied with its performance. It excels in terms of look, design, and durability but its intriguing list of attributes takes all the limelight.

Primary Features:

  • Native SVGA resolution with 3600 lumens.
  • 16ms of input latency with 22000:1 contrast ratio.
  • SuperColor technology.
  • 15000 hours of lamp life.
  • Projection size: 30-300inches.
  • Three years warranty with one-year lamp warranty.


Features Overview:

Well, there is no doubt that ViewSonic PA503S is a well-designed product that won’t ever rob you from a wonderful movie session in your backyard. It is a DLP based technology that collaborates with 800 X 600 native resolution to ooze out a beautiful visual output with proper depth. As it is a dedicated outdoor projector, so it bags 3600 ANSI lumens thus ensuring you never get washed view in the presence of ambient light in your backyard. The clarity of every frame is entirely praiseworthy, and it is assured by its 22000:1 contrast ratio. It gets 16ms response time which depicts you will always be treated with silky smooth visuals

You will be flabbergasted with the lifelike color output of ViewSonic PA503S, and all the credit goes to its SuperColor technology which gets a six-segment color wheel with dynamic lamp control. As it is an outdoor model, so ViewSonic has given a massive screen ranging from 30inches to all the way up to 300inches. During the placement, you won’t have to arrange a wide view distance, and it is due to its 1.96-2.15:1 throw ratio range. It even gets a 2-watt speaker, but it renders useless in the outdoor condition as it doesn’t have volume or clarity.

ViewSonic PA503S comes with a standard 190-watt lamp, but unlike others, it is blessed with 15000hours of lamp life. The setup process of the projector is quite straightforward, and its Plug & Play facility serves as the main instrument. It comes with a decent amount of image correction facility which includes manual focus, 1.1x optical zoom and +/- 40-degree keystone correction. Connecting different external speakers won’t be an issue, and it is due to its HDMI, VGA, composite, audio, RS232 and USB Type B. It also treats you with an industry leading three years warranty, yet it only offers one-year lamp warranty.

  • The clarity and color depth is excellent.
  • It offers a massive image screen size range.
  • The vividness level is optimum.
  • The lamp longevity is quite good.
  • It comes with all the required ports.
  • Availability of three years warranty.
  • The cooling fans make a lot of noise.
  • The inbuilt speaker is useless.

Special Note:

      • Planning to arrange a movie session in your backyard but skeptical about which model to buy? Then you should take a peek at ViewSonic PA503S.
Now, before closing this article let’s check out some frequently asked question that commonly occurs when a user plans to buy an outdoor projector

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Outdoor Projector Be Used During Day?

  • Generally, it is recommended to use the projector after sunset as it will be able to offer an adequate visual quality even if there is ambient light.

2. Is It Possible To Connect Dish TV?

  • You can easily connect any dish TV to your outdoor projector with the help of HDMI cable.

3. How Much Time The Whole Setup Takes?

  • The whole setup process takes around 30minutes and one-hour maximum.

4. How To Stream Movies From Smartphone?

  • With the help of mini HDMI or wireless dongle, you can easily stream movies from your smartphone.

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