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10 Best Projectors for Business Presentations 2023 – Updated Review

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If you are on a pursuit to get the best-LED projectors for your business and power-point presentations, that not only look good on a screen but also provide some amazing features to make your presentations elegant, simple and unique, then here is a list of some of the finest digital and commercial projectors for your business meets. You might get a clear idea of what and how to choose a projector in the future too.

As your office might need to use one such projector for the coming years without a hassle and should be appreciated every time you do a presentation, it is essential to highlight some of the best ones before you buy some. These office projectors are driven towards business features and portability. Visit the office projection experts at ProjectorScreen.com for more help.


Projector for Business Presentation

Overall Best projector for Business Presentations

Overall Budget Pick

We will also recommend you the best office projector from this list that we have provided.
best cheap projector for presentationsEpson EX7260
  • Lumens: 3600
  • Contrast ratio: 15000:1
  • Resolution: 1280×800
best business projectorBenQ MW612
  • Lumens: 4000
  • Contrast ratio: 20000:1
  • Resolution: 1280×800
best projector for businessOptoma X343
  • Lumens: 3600
  • Contrast ratio: 22000:1
  • Resolution: 1024×768
presentation projectorBenQ MH733
  • Lumens: 3600
  • Contrast ratio: 16000:1
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
best projector for presentations and moviesEpson EX7240 Pro
  • Lumens: 3200
  • Contrast ratio: 20000:1
  • Resolution: 1280×800

Top Picks for 2023

1. Epson EX7260 – Best Office Projector

The Epson EX7260 projector is considered an ideal conference room projector that is capable of producing videos. The images that it produces are bright, vibrant with saturated colors. You can use this projector for presentations with the light on and it won’t be a bummer.

epson ex7260


For its price, it offers a ton of connectivity and portability options. The fan noise is around 30db and it does not produce enormous heat to the exterior. The wireless connection helps you setup up multi-presenter presentations without a hassle.

The user-interface is highly friendly and the setup is an easy and short process.

Key Features:

Projector Model: EX7260,
Technology: 3 LCD,
Contrast Ratio: 15000:1
Projection: 3 LCD,
Native Resolution: 1280×800
Max Resolution: 1600×1200
Native Aspect Ratio: 16:10. Supports 4:3 and 16:9
Video Compatibility: 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 1080p/24, 1080p/30, 576i, 576p, 480p, 480i,
Lamp Life: 6,000 Hours,
Noise Level (-db.): 37.0 dB,
Audio: 2.0 W Mono,
DVI or HDMI: Yes,
Power Zoom/Focus: No
Lens Shift: No,
LAN Networking: No
Zoom Lens Ratio: 1.2:1,
Speakers: Yes
Wireless Networking: Yes
Dimensions: 3.6 H x 11.9 W x 9.9 D,
Weight: 5.51 lbs.
  • Fast Startup/Shutdown time
  • Bright screen even in daylight
  • Vibrant colors
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Not the best resolution (720p)
  • Cheap looking case

Our Expert’s Choice

2. BenQ MW612 – Best Presentation Projector

Want the best features for your business presentations compromising on portability and orientation features? The BenQ MW612 projector is one that can offer you with a very bright screen of 720p Full HD resolution.

BenQ MW612


The user interface is very easy to understand and operate on. It has two HDMI ports available that support two devices simultaneously which can be a laptop, desktop or any other device that supports screen-sharing.

It has a 1.1x manual zoom with high-speed wireless connectivity for increasing the connectivity options and mirroring your smartphone screen.

Key Features:

Projector Model: MW612,
Technology: DLP,
Contrast Ratio: 20000:1,
Native Resolution: WXGA (1280×800),
Max Resolution: 1920×1200,
3D: Yes,
Blu Ray 3d: Yes ,
Native Aspect Ratio: 16:10,
Lamp Life: 4,000 Hours,
Noise Level (-db.): 34.0 dB,
Audio: 2.0 W Mono,
DVI or HDMI: Yes,
Power Zoom/Focus: No
Lens Shift: No
LAN Networking: No
Zoom Lens Ratio: 1.10:1,
Optional Lens: No
Classroom: Yes
Speakers: Yes
Special Features: Optional Wireless, Full HD 3D,
Wireless Networking: Yes
Dimensions: 4.7 H x 11.7 W x 8.7 D,
Weight: 5.1 lbs.
  • Only 2W mono audio
  • Limited mounting options

3. Optoma X343 – Best Business Projector

One of the most highly preferred and reviewed business projectors that have some perfect features for a projector for presentations in an office environment. This projector supports Rec.709 certification for some vivid XGA images that look pleasing to the human eye.

Having around 3,600 ANSI lumens of brightness makes it perfectly illuminated in a dark as well as a well-lit room and does not be oversaturated to the eye.

Optoma x343


It has an integrated 10W speaker that produces surplus audio for presentations and 15,000 hours of lamp life for some amazing years to come ahead. It has a perfect contrast ratio and the keystone features enable some easy and hassle-free installation as per one’s requirements. It is pretty compact and light in weight weighing around 6.7 lbs.

Key Features:

Projector Model: X343,
Technology: DLP (1),
Contrast Ratio: 22000:1,
Native Resolution: XGA (1024×768),
Max Resolution: 1600x1200m,
Native Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (XGA),
Video Compatibility: 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 1080p/24,
Lamp Life: 6,000 Hours,
Noise Level (-db.): 27.0 dB
Audio: 10.0 W Mono,
DVI or HDMI: Yes,
Power Zoom/Focus: No,
Lens Shift: No,
LAN Networking: No,
Zoom Lens Ratio: 1.10:1,
Speakers: Yes
Special Features: Full HD 3D,
Wireless Networking: No,
Dimensions: 3.9 H x 12.4 W x 9.6 D,
Weight: 6.7 lbs.
  • 3D and Blu-Ray 3D support
  • Rec.709 color gamete
  • Perfect brightness and contrast ratio
  • Poor battery-life
  • No horizontal keystone correction
  • No lens shift feature

4. BenQ MH733 – Portable Projector for Presentations

When coming to business projectors, BenQ M73 series is the way to go. This model though is top of the line in this series and hence for its price, it proves its functionality and dominance. Just like the other BenQ projectors, the only thing common in this projector is the powerful 10W speaker.

BenQ MH733


It supports a Full HD 1080p resolution and 4000 ANSI lumens of brightness for viewing in the daylight. It has a good contrast ratio and about 15.000 hours of lamp life.

It has a feature known as ‘Corner Fit’ where the lens present on the projector measures the corners of the screen/wall accurately and adjusts the size of the image carefully in a few seconds.

Kudos to the ‘Eco’ mode in this projector that helps increase battery life by reducing the overall brightness of the projector. Multiple screen presentations is possible using the ‘BenQ Multiple Display’ software.

Key Features:

Technology: DLP,
Native Resolution: 1920×1080,
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim): 4000,
Contrast: 16000:1,
Zoom Lens Ratio: 1.30:1
Lens Shift: No,
Lamp Life: 4000 hours
Weight: 5.5,
Warranty: 1 year
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Perfect Keystone correction
  • Powerful 10W speaker
  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • No picture-quality certification
  • Bulky in size

5. Epson EX7240

This projector not being the best in this range of projectors that we have listed does its justice by providing all those business essentials in a portable projector. Based on the projector’s ratings, people would not be aware of this product and not prefer this too. But let us see what makes it special.

Epson EX7240 Pr


It has an HD 720p resolution (1280 x 800) and rated at 3200 ANSI lumens, it is ideal for presentations in an office environment with limited lights or a dark room. It offers some very natural and color-accurate images that make the presentation more reliable and friendly.

It is very light in weight and portable for its size.

The 2W speaker is not sufficient for a commercial projector but it can be ignored if you have got some external speaker to connect it to.

It also has built-in Wi-Fi for connecting various display devices and also peripherals for audio etcetera. It runs on 3LCD technology produces some good vibrant pictures with the correct color modes predefined in the menu options. The major drawback might be the limited 5000 hours of total lam-life.

Key Features:

Projector Model: EX7240 Pro,
Technology: 3LCD
Projection: 3LCD,
Native Resolution: 1280×800
Max Resolution: 1680×1050,
Native Aspect Ratio: 16:10,
Video Compatibility: NTSC, PAL, SECAM,
HDTV: 1080p, 1080i, 720p,
Lamp Life: 5000 hours,
Noise Level (-db.): 37 dB Normal Mode – 29 dB Eco Mode,
Audio: 2-Watt mono speaker,
DVI or HDMI: Yes,
Power Zoom/Focus: No,
Lens Shift: No,
LAN Networking: No
Zoom Lens Ratio: 1.20:1,
Speakers: Yes,
Special Features: Built-in Wi-Fi support, DMI w/MHL support, USB Plug-&-Play,
Wireless Networking: Yes,
Dimensions: 11.7″ X 9.2″ X 3.2″,
Weight: 5.7 lbs.
  • Text and details can be easily read
  • Good video scaling features
  • Good battery life
  • No LAN-port
  • No proper lens shifts
  • Limited 90 days warranty

What to Consider When Buying a Projector for Business Presentation? (Buying Guide)

Projector for Business Presentation

What is the recommended native resolution?

  • The higher the resolution of the projectors, the more is the detail in the picture shown on the screen. Lower resolution will cut you some cost while reducing details in the picture. You wouldn’t need a high-resolution projector unless you display complex images. Full HD 1080p or 720p is the recommended resolution for this decade.

What is the ideal brightness required?

  • The amount of light that the projector will release from its laser or lamp is measured as ‘ANSI’ lumens. The higher the brightness of the projector, the higher is the lumens rating. The brightness depends on two factors where one is based on the light coming out of the lamp and the other is the reflection ratio that is said as ‘gain’.

What must be the throw distance for a projector used for presentations?

  • The throw distance is the distance of the projector from the wall or screen that makes a perfect fit screen and the picture having accurate pixels. You would need to know the exact dimensions of the screen used to accurately quote the throw distance.

What is the perfect contrast ratio for a projector?

  • The contrast ratio is the accurate difference in the black and whites of the image. For example, if the contrast ratio of a projector is 1000:1, then the brightest point on the image is 1000 times brighter than the darkest point available.

What must be the maximum noise levels the fans produce in the projector?

  • The maximum levels of fan noise that our ears can bear particularly in a 15×15 room is around 30 db. If the projector is used in a party hall, outdoor get-together or some kind of meetings, then the noise levels could go up to 35-40 db.

Which type of display technology is ideal for such projectors?

  • DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology was the first invented projector technologies used for projectors. Here several tiny mirrors help produce light on to the screen.LCD technology is the process of splitting the white light from the projector lamp into three different colors (RGB). Small liquid crystals form the projected image and this helps produce some natural and vibrant images. These projectors are highly useful and efficient for presentations anywhere.

Can you rely on the projector’s built-in speakers?

  • Projectors commonly have 1W or 3W speakers which are not ideal for any kind of content consumption or presentations in the office. Pairing it with a Bluetooth speaker or a subwoofer is required.

What are the three basic steps to select the perfect projector of your choice?

  • Analyze the conference room size and projection brightness.
    Check where and using which orientation will you install the projector.
    Choose the projector with the best business features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a projector?

  • A projector is a device which uses an inverted lens to release light to the external environment to display image/picture on a screen. Even though a projector performs the same function as that of a TV or monitor, it has: Larger screen size, portable and varied orientation as per needs.

2. How does a home theatre projector differ from a business projector?

  • A home theatre projector must be having a large screen size with accurate and vibrant images with a high resolution. It is necessary to have a good built-in sound system and a user-friendly Android user interface. Business projectors, on the other hand, can have an average resolution as it is meant to only for presentations which does not require much of details in the image but its lifetime and portability are of utmost importance. It must also have all the nifty business features.

3. What is the recommended resolution for a business projector?

  • FHD 1080p is ideal but having an HD 720p resolution with a 100” screen size is more than enough for public meetings and presentations. It must be a reliable brand to provide warranty and services over time. Moreover, the essential part of business projectors are business features more than anything else.

4. My projector does not produce any light?

  • Make sure you switch off the projector. Now, remove the lamp from the projector. If there is any cracks, discoloration or smoke kind of an appearance, then it has blown out.

5. Whenever I power ‘ON’ the projector, a “clicking” sound keeps on coming. Why?

  • The clicking sound is the lamp ballast that is trying to ignite the lamp but is unable to do so. You will need to change the lamp for a new one by giving it for maintenance.

6. While doing my presentation, the projector lost the signal from my laptop/computer?

  • Make sure your laptop is connected to the power source for no dying batteries. Unplug and reconnect the HDMI cable from your laptop to the projector. Also, make sure the projector is connected to a power source.

6. How much fan noise is ideal for a business projector?

  • The noise released from the cooling fans of a projector is also a factor to be monitored. Anything below 35-40 db. is fine and good for a power-point presentation projector.

7. What is meant by ‘Keystone Correction’?

  • When you incorrectly position the projector either too low or too high, the image appears to be shrunken and unaligned. Even if you move it to the right or left extremes, you will obtain a distorted picture. So, this feature in a projector helps us to manually adjust the positioning of the image on the screen from the menu itself. It is now present in almost every projector as ‘Vertical Keystone’ or ‘Horizontal Keystone’.

Watch the following video for more tips on how to choose a good projector for you presentations:


If you would have read this guide carefully and are willing to spend your money wisely, listening to my choice would be recommended! The BenQ MW612 projector is one of the best projectors with the best choices of features that it offers along with a wide range of connectivity options. A digital projector review of individual projectors might be misleading and looking at comparisons is the best way to choose the best one for you.

The excellent 20,000:1 contrast ratio and 4K HDR resolution support with about 4000 ANSI lumens of brightness can be more than enough to make all your meetings unique and remembered for a lifetime. The 10W speaker provides some amazing and crisp audio for all your conference room presentations.

This size and dimensions also make it incredibly portable for a business projector and should be bang for the buck. The best feature that I love about this projector is the option to do presentations wirelessly using ‘Mirroring’. The ‘Smart Eco’ mode provides greater battery life by reducing the overall brightness of the image. The lamp-life of this projector is around 15,000 hours that resolves to around 20-25 months without any replacements.