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10 Best Projector for Projection Mapping 2023 – Reviewed By Experts

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Are you a creative art specialist? Are you looking for good-quality projectors specifically for projection maps? Then keep reading, as we are here to give you an overview in this regard. Yes, opting for the best projector for projection mapping in 2023 is no more difficult now.

The effort behind creative videos and maps is incredible. A lot of talent is needed to create such videos. Once you have made them, then definitely you need the best projector to display them. You can use the best projectors to display your 3D tasks.

Are you curious enough to find a projector that will add to the visual effects of your projection mapping? Then going for such a projector may seem an easy task. However, you need to be careful in terms of requirements.

No one wants to waste their efforts by showing maps on a lousy projector. The low-quality projector will not allow you to express the worth of your work. Is this what is making you fearful? We are here with the review of the ten best projectors for projection mapping in 2023.

Here you go with a brief overview of the best projectors available for your map projection in 2023. Have a glance and then decide what you want!

Top Projector for Projection Mapping

1. Epson Home Cinema – Best for Mapping

Epson Home Cinema

We are placing Epson home cinema in the ten best projectors for projection mapping in 2023. Epson home cinema 1060 full HD 1080p 3,100 lumens color brightness comes with unique features. It is best to use in comparison with other competitors.

The brightness is fantastic. It is because it comes with 3,100 lumens. So now your maps are going to amaze the audience in the daytime.

You should expect even better results as you use your Epson home cinema at night time.

You can take this with you for outdoor protection maps as well.

With the beautiful in-built color schemes, you are going to enjoy more than before. Your images will be sharp and clear. They will stand out and amaze you. The regular users of Epson home cinema admire its performance and durability.

The Epson home cinema is a type of short-throw projector. That means it can easily project the imagery up to 300 inches. So, now you can even cover the more enormous walls of your halls or rooms with Epson home cinema.

  • Remarkable brightness
  • Clear imagery
  • Portability
  • Sound output jack absent


Considering the lightweight and portability of the Epson home cinema, we highly recommend it. Not only these features, but Epson home cinema is going to blow you with its features, you don’t have to worry about your map projection in the daytime. You must grab it as soon as possible!

2. BenQ MH535FDH 1080P Projector – Best Projector Design

BenQ MH535FHD 1080P Home Theater Projector

Do you prefer aesthetically beautiful gadgets for your work? Then BenQ MH535FDH 1080P projector is here to amaze you with its design. It is not only attractive but also elegant. BenQ MH535FDH 1080P projector is one of the best projectors for projection mapping you can grab in 2023.

Are you looking for some more details about this fantastic projector? Let us tell you some more information. This top-rated projector comes with impressive brightness. It is because of 3600 lumens. So, here you go with the projection of brighter and clearer maps.

Also, if you need good contrast, then BenQ MH535FDH 1080P projector is here with a large-scale projection. Are you looking for something more? With BenQ MH535FDH 1080P projector, even the darker parts of your images and maps will stand out. All such unique features are available in BenQthe MH535FDH 1080P projector at a reasonable price.

  • Sharper imagery
  • Good visibility
  • High contrast
  • Low volume speakers


So, the wait is over for the best projector. Purchase your BenQ MH535FDH 1080P projector at a reasonable price to enjoy the best quality projection. You are going to love the brightness and sharpness of your images with it.

3. ViewSonic 1080p Projector – High Lumens

ViewSonic 1080p Projector

ViewSonic 1080p projector is going to be your best companion. Are you thinking about what’s so special about it? Then we must tell you that ViewSonic 1080p projector comes with amazing 3500 lumens. That means an incredible brightness.

You can make a gaming theatre at home because it comes with a lower input lag for this purpose. You may think it is very tough and bulky. And so it is! This heavy-duty gadget will amaze you with its performance.

It is a seemingly small device but excellent in all aspects. Isn’t it amazing to have full 1080P resolutions at 3500 lumens? Yes, you are going to love it. So, isn’t it the best projector for projection mapping available for you in 2023?

  • Noise from fan


If you are a gamer and need a good quality projector for map projections, ViewSonic 1080p is a good choice.

It is an excellent short-throw projector. You will get amazing big pictures at very short distances. You will be stunned with flawless imagery in daylight even. So, the wait is over for the best projector; you must go and grab it.

4. Mini Projector 4000 Lumens 3D Portable DLP – Best Portable Projector

Mini Projector 4000 Lumens 3D Portable DLP

Do you prefer miniaturization in every item you use? Well, in this era, we all should do so. If you want to use a mini projector with good features, then you have landed on the right page. Mini projector 4000 lumens is one of the best projectors for projection mapping offered for you in 2023.

Though it can be mini in name, the features loading are equally good in it. You will have fun with map projections as you display them on them with 4000 lumens. That means, now, either its day time or at nighttime, you can perfectly project your maps.

Are you looking for some other additional points? We are glad that the mini projector 4000 lumens will not disappoint you. The picture in it is obvious. It is due to a higher contrast ratio of 3000:1. You are going to love the HDR 10 features it has inbox for you.

It is highly suitable for video mapping. It supports 3D TNB, 3D SBS, Blu-Ray. So, are you ready to have unlimited fun as you enjoy the 3D gaming experience? And Hurrah! Take on your 3D glasses and connect them to your mini projector 4000 lumens for more fun.

  • Good brightness
  • Perfect lamp life
  • Amazing resolution
  • Slightly bulky


We must tell you that the mini projector 4000 lumens are the complete package you can use. If you want to enjoy your 3D projection mapping with 3D glasses, then you are here. The sound quality is just superb. Also, the durability is not compromised. That means now you can use it as much as you want, and you will not see any visible signs of heat or other damage.

5. InFocus IN112XA – Highest Contrast Ratio

InFocus IN112XA

InFocus IN112XA projector is one of the best projectors for projection mapping. You can have it to enjoy your mapping projection experience in 2023. We assure you of the best quality and sharper images. The brightness is just superb with 3800 lumens. DLP technology will make your imagery clear.

You must pause for a moment and think a little as we tell you InFocus IN112XA projector’s contrast ratio. Yes, the InFocus IN112XA projector has a contrast ratio of 26000:1. Isn’t that an incomparable projector when it comes to projection mapping? So, have your InFocus IN112XA projector to enjoy the best immersive experience.

What is more in the magic box of the InFocus IN112XA projector? It has another good feature of supporting different forms of 3D. With an impressive 800 × 600 SVGA resolution, you will have the best 3D visual experience.

  • Good connectivity
  • Unmatched brightness and contrast ratio
  • 28″ to 300″ viewing size
  • 800 x 600 resolution needs improvement


InFocus IN112XA projector will make you experience the best projection mapping. With all such attractive features, it is available at a very fair price. So, it is not only an efficient but also an economical projector. We recommend you should go for it to have the best viewing experience.

6. BenQ HT35500i UHD Projector

 BenQ HT35500i UHD Projector

If you have not used any product from BENQ so far, we must assure you of their excellent quality products. BenQ will not disappoint you as you look towards it for having the best projectors for projection mapping in 2023. If you are a projection mapping guru and looking for a suitable projector, then the BenQ HT35500i UHD projector is going to be your best companion.

Yes, by this, we mean that the BenQ HT35500i UHD projector will be an excellent addition to your mapping tools. Are you looking for some technical details as well? Keep reading as we further explore this projector.

BenQ HT35500i UHD projector has the best display features. As the name shows, it comes with the 3840×2160 UHD resolution.

So, the imagery display you get with this projector is genuinely mind-blowing. That means you will be able to see every detail. Isn’t that an example of perfection? For sure, it is.

  • Easier installation
  • Voice control
  • Remarkable throw
  • Costly


We are glad to add the BenQ HT35500i UHD projector to the list of best projectors due to its features. From connectivity to resolution, you are going to just love everything about it. You won’t regret investing in the BenQ HT35500i UHD projector for your projection mapping.

7. ViewSonic PG800HD Projector

ViewSonic PG800HD Projector

Are you searching for a multipurpose projector? Then the search is over. ViewSonic PG800HD projector can help you in many aspects. Yes, that is why it can be called the best projector in 2023 for projection mapping and other purposes. That means now you can have one projector for gaming, mapping, and theatre, etc.

So, the good news is that ViewSonic PG800HD projector will support your tasks for a longer duration because it is challenging. The brightness is impressive, with 3500 lumens and a resolution of 1080p.

Aren’t you fascinated by the ViewSonic PG800HD projector? For sure, you will be. ViewSonic PG800HD projector is the best short-throw projector that will enlarge your images from a shorter distance. ViewSonic PG800HD projector is an example of perfection in the projection mapping domain.

  • Durability
  • Brightness
  • Short throw
  • Fan noise


You may consider ViewSonic PG800HD projector as your next projection mapping partner. It is a durable and good quality product, which will help you in various tasks. Particularly you will enjoy the excellent quality imagery due to good lumens and resolution. We suggest it for your projection mapping.

8. BenQ MW612 Projector – Best for Bright

BenQ MW612 Projector

Are you just done with the making of your creative video? After hours of hard work, you are now looking to display your work? We understand you made an effort but saying it reasonably is vital. But for that, you must have a good projector.

We are here with the excellent news; BenQ MW612 projector is here to astonish you with its features.

You don’t have to plan your projection mapping events at night time to have a good display.

With a BenQ MW612 projector, you can have good projection mapping in the bright rooms as well.

With the brightness of 4000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1, you will have excellent results. Your razor-sharp images will amaze your audience. In addition to this, the display is impressive up to 1200 inches. It is a flexible projector due to HDMI compatibility.

  • Amazing brightness
  • Affordability
  • Lightweight
  • Speakers need an improvement


It is no surprise to add BenQ MW612 to the best projectors used for projection mapping in 2023. The easier installation and good connectivity will make your projection mapper experience a good one. It is a user-friendly projector that automatically reduces strain over the eyes. That means you can enjoy it for extended hours. Based on our observation, we highly recommend the BenQ MW612 projector.

9. Christie Digital 3DLP Projector

Christie Digital 3DLP Projector

Moving towards the end of the list of best projectors for projection mapping, we have another excellent projector for you. Christie Digital 3DLP is suitable for projection in case of both smaller and larger scales.

It comes with an excellent essential brightness to make your imagery stand out.

You will have non-ending fun with the Christie Digital 3DLP projector due to good images from different positions. The images are sharper, more precise, and equally divided. So, are you thinking of grabbing this high-quality projector for your use?

Well, you won’t be able to resist buying it as we tell you one more exciting thing. Christie Digital 3DLP projector is 3D upgradable. Yes, you can upgrade them instead of replacing them.

  • 3D upgradable
  • Unmatched lamp life
  • Perfect brightness
  • Costly than competitors


Christie Digital 3DLP projector is your next projection mapping gadget if you prefer simplicity. Also, if you like to keep things longer than replacing them, then the Christie Digital 3DLP projector can be your best companion. You can easily do its 3D up-gradation to have a wonderful experience. You must grab it as soon as possible.

10. BenQ HT8050 4K Projector – Best 4k Projector

BenQ HT8050 4K Projector

BenQ HT8050 4K projector is the last but not the least in the list of best projectors in projection mapping. BenQ HT8050 4K projector has some fantastic features. You will be blown away by its contrast ratio and other specifications.

Yes, thanks to the contrast ratio of 50000:1. BenQ HT8050 4K projector will give you good quality images. The cinematic experience with BenQ HT8050 4K projector is going to amaze you. You can have BenQ HT8050 4K projector for sharper and clear images.

Furthermore, the 4000 resolution makes it the best projector for projection mapping. The difference in quality in the home theatre projector and BenQ HT8050 4K projector is noticeable.

  • Cinematic experience
  • Exceptionally high contrast ratio
  • Perfect resolution
  • Costly


We assure you that it will not disappoint you. The exceptional features will blow you as you do your projection mapping in 2023. BenQ HT8050, 4K projector, is the best projector to make your imagery sharper, clearer, and of good quality.

Choosing the Right Projection Mapping Projector | Important Considerations

Source: youtube.com

When deciding to buy the best projector for your projection mapping, it must have a proper guideline. Only then will you be able to have a projector fitting all your needs. We are here with a comprehensive guide to help you how to decide on the best projector. Please keep reading as we categorize these considerations for you.

Opt the Higher Projector Resolution

Well, you are better aware of the need to show off incredible things in projection mapping. For making it possible, you must go for the best projector in the available budget. Only then will you be able to show intricate details of your work.

Ideally, you need to go for higher resolution projectors to have good projection mapping. You should opt for projectors with a resolution of 800 x 600 or higher. Your target should be 1920×1080 pixels. Resolution is important because it will help you reasonably project animations and colors.

Go for the Brighter

Yes, brightness is an integral factor when you are projection mapping. You need to have a projector with larger lumens and good lamp life. Your projector must offer 10000 to 15000 hours of lamp life. That means you can use that projector for few years.

Another thing is brightness. Well, who does not like the brighter projectors? In projection mapping, you will display your maps and imagery mainly in the daytime. So this is only possible with a bright projector with good lumens.

Otherwise, the projection you are trying to do will be weaker and faded. Thus, you and your audience will not be able to enjoy the good details of your creative video. Never opt for a projector with less than 3000 lumens.

Higher Contrast Ratio is Always Good

The contrast ratio of any projector reflects its ability to show balance—especially the balance between darker and lighter black and white colors. We advise you must not to overlook this quality. You will see a noticeable difference between view results if you prefer higher contrast ratios.

By this, we are not pushing you to go for extreme contrast ratios, e.g., 50000:1. But in a given budget, you must make an effort to get a contrast ratio of 10000:1. You will love the results.

Buy the Best Projector at Best Price

The price might not be your priority if you purchase a projector for projection mapping for your institute. However, many individuals may need suggestions about the budget. You can have a variety of projectors. Some of them are budget-friendly, while some are costly.

We must suggest you go for mid-range projectors. Because in the case of the cheaper projector, you will compromise the quality. What’s next? You did the hard work in making that creative video and it will be worthless due to a lousy quality projector.

Good Sounds is Always Amusing

The frustration is inevitable if you spend hours creating a video with good sounds, but it is not audible to the audience. Therefore, you must go with projectors having good sound systems and speakers. Otherwise, you must use an external soundbar or speakers.

Connectivity Gear Is Important

At one or another point, you must connect your projector to other systems. You must opt for projectors that offer a wide range of options. You should check the basic connectivity types, e.g., VGA and HDMI. Or, you may also check advanced options like Wi-Fi, etc.

But here is a piece of good news. These days, most of the projectors for projection mapping are offering good options. For instance, HDMI connectivity is standard in many projectors. Through this, you will easily connect your projector to modern-day gaming consoles, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.


img source: light-instruments.de

I want to use the projector in a room filled with light. How much resolution will be enough for that?

You can use a wide range of good projectors inside the bright room. You need to go for 800 x 600 resolution at a minimum. BenQ MW612 projector is an exclusive example of this. With the brightness of 4000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1, you will have excellent results.

What is the difference between regular project and projection mapping?

Well, the difference between regular project and projection mapping is quite striking. In average projection, you project your movies, images, etc., on the screen or background of white color. While in projection mapping, you can easily project your videos, imagery, etc., unique over any colored surface. However, the experience needs to be smooth.

Which color should I use for projection?

We suggest you use grey since it is a good absorber of ambient light. Also, its striking is better than the white screen. So, you can easily maintain the black level through assumption.

Can I have a portable projector for my outdoor projection mapping events?

Yes, for sure you can purchase a good quality projector which is also portable. They are compact and lightweight—for example, Epson home cinema projector, ViewSonic 1080p projector, Mini projector 4000 lumens, etc.

Best Projector for Projection Mapping | The Final Verdict

Projection mapping is an exciting domain. There is a good advancement in it with time. To make it an exciting field, you must go for better projection tools. Your audience will have great fun seeing your hard work coming to life before their eyes.

After the detailed review and buyer’s guide on the ten best projectors for projection mapping in 2023, we are here to wrap up the things. So, we have chosen the top three projectors due to their unique features. Here you go with these:

Epson Home Cinema due to its remarkable brightness, explicit imagery, and portability.

BenQ MH535FDH 1080P is a good choice because it is elegant and has sharper imagery, good visibility, and high contrast.

ViewSonic 1080p Projector due to its portability, incredible brightness, and shorter throw projection.

We hope this review and buyer’s guide will help you chose the best projector for your projection mapping. With the fantastic features and price ranges, you can opt for the best one. We wish you luck in your future projection mapping with the products we presented.

We will be glad to have your feedback in the comments section.


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