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10 Best Cheap Projector under $100 2023 – Expert’s Pick

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Family time is all about firing up the grill and enjoying a good movie. This gala time is perfectly carried by a good movie with all your near and dear ones around you.

However, you’ll find so many cheap projectors on the market under 100 dollars, but it is difficult to make out which is the best model that fits your tight budget.

Now, to break a common myth, it is not necessary that a good projector must cost thousands of bucks.
In fact, there are a plethora of choices for budget projectors to make from some good options that are loaded with extensive features.

QKK top pick


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Comparison Table Best Models Of 2023 That Cost Under $100

Best Cheap Projectors Under $100 – A Complete Reviews

1. QKK [Upgrade] – Best Home Projector Under $100



It is either you want something for your gaming room or something for your Home theatre. The QKK 2200 lumen is the beast that will keep your eyes on the screen. Wait: The beauty is that it is full HD and has 2200 lumens.

With a 1920 x 1080 resolution, it is fit for both indoors and also outdoors. You won’t believe your ears: It has 50000 lamp life and a 2000:1 contrast ratio. Wondering about the aspect ratio? Obviously, it has a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Its throw distance is 1.5 to 5 M with a throw screen range of 32 to 176 inches. Armed with two USB ports that work concurrently. Of course, we cannot forget to mention that it has HDMI, AV, VGA, and SD support that makes it easy for you to connect other external devices that can input signals to the projector.

Worry no more about customer service, QKK Company has a team of customer service that is committed to a satisfaction guarantee. Look: It comes with a 3-year warranty that keeps you away from all the technicians.

I will offer to give a full in-depth review of all the features that are I the QKK 2200 lumen projector



The QKK 2200 lumen projector boasts of a 1080p resolution that makes images and video crispy clear. Trust me you’ll have the whole neighborhood in your house. Can you imagine watching the latest HD movie on this one?

The experience is so mind-blowing that you’ll find yourself in the movie acting.

Projector Consumption

Okay however powerful this projector is you have to acknowledge that it has only 50 watts of power consumption. Here’s the winner: This is a win for you since you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills going up.


The tip of the iceberg is that it comes armed with a 22oo lumen light that is enough to maintain your picture quality even in the brightest days.

Aspect ratio

It has an aspect ratio of 16:9, this makes it qualify to be a full HD projector. Your kids don’t have to adjust it so as to get the desired rectangular picture.

Contrast Ratio

Oh lord, it has a contrast ratio of 2000:1 this is enough to make you get deeper shades of black while watching your favorite TV show. Funny enough you will realize that it has better quality than your TV screen.

Lamp life

QKK Company has given a generous lamp life of 50000 hours to ensure that you don’t get any technical interruptions while watching in it. Wait: it has a 24 hour continuous viewing time making it ideal for long use without any loss in video quality.


This will make you go crazy. First, it has HDMI compatibility to ensure that you are able to connect your iPad iPhone and also a laptop. The fun never stops; it has two ports that can work concurrently without any issue. Even though the USB functionality does not support data transfer it will still work brilliantly.

The extras that come with it never seize. It has VGA for the people who don’t know about HDMI.

Screen size

I know this is the part you want to hear. It has a scene size of 32 to 176 inches, this makes this projector the perfect HD projector for a large audience. The screen size is only achieved if you use it at a distance of 1.5 to 5 meters.

As the user manual recommends that the best picture is only achieved if the projector is 3.5 meters from its screen.

Product Dimension

Wondering about its dimensions? It has a dimension of 198 x 153 x 68.5 mm and weighs 0.86kg. For a projector, this weight and dimension is a win. I heard that you really like camping. This is the ideal HD outdoor projector that makes all the ladies crush on you in a camping scenario.


Nobody wants to carry around external speakers in a camping scenario. This one has two 2 watt speaker that is audible enough even when your friends are murmuring on the background.

  • Full HD 1080p
  • Has HDMI functionality
  • Bright 2200 lumens
  • Two USB port ports
  • Great customer support
  • Has a fainted colour output
  • Requires adjustments to get that quality picture

Special Note:

Even though the projector is small and compact you’ll be surprised to see the level of picture quality it has. It is just on top of its league, it has breath-taking features that leave your jaws wide open.

Current life used it for about 4 months now and my wife loves watching soap operas on it. I know you are looking for more hours of movie and gaming this is the ideal HD projector for you and your family. Get it now while stocks last.

2. DBPOWER Upgraded Mini – Best Portable Projector Under $100

DBPOWER Upgraded Mini


DBPOWER can be considered as the market rule when it comes to budget projector range, and both experts and users highly appreciate most of their models. RD810X is one of those popular models that has hardly disappointed any of its customers with its performance and durability.

Features in a Nutshell

  • Native 480p resolution .
  • 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • 1800 lumens of brightness.
  • 2000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Double tube cooling technology.
  • 32-176inch projection size range.
  • Three years warranty.

Features Overview:

DBPOWER RD810X is a state of the earth mini projector that is designed to offer you a home theater experience in your entertainment room. This device comes with the renowned TFT LCD display technology which provides incredible visual output.

However, the blend of 800 X 480 native resolution and 1800 lumens of brightness makes the real impact as it adds vividness and richness to the projection. It will just leave you stunned with its clarity level as well as black depth, and all the credit goes to its 2000:1 contrast ratio.

The quality of the visual remains even when you are playing contents above 480p resolution because it offers to support up to 1080p.

DBPOWER RD810X won’t give you any room to complain about its color output and its 27 color enhancing technologies serve as the main reason. It’s huge support from million of displayable color also plays a crucial role in determining its color output. Whether you have a large room or a small room, it won’t matter as you will get a screen size range between 30 to 176 inches.

However, you need to arrange a decent amount of space for its placement because it comes with a projection distance range of 1.1-5m.

Fan noise is always a problem with budget models but not with this one as it grabs a double tube cooling technology which reduces the noise.

While watching movies or TV series on DBPOWER RD810X, you won’t have to worry about eye strain, and it is due to its upgraded LED source technology. Even though it looks small in structure but it offers a decent amount of input option which comprises HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, and audio.
This HD projector even allows you to play movies from your smartphone, FireStick, tablet, iPad, etc. but you need a wireless HDMI dongle. Unfortunately, you are only going to get +/- 15-degree keystone correction for any image alteration. Lastly, it gets three years of full warranty coverage with lifetime technical support.

  • Praiseworthy visual output.
  • Good color reproduction.
  • Efficient heat dispersion with low noise.
  • tDecent screen size range.
  • Impressive three years warranty.
  • It only comes with a single image correction facility.
  • t doesn’t come with an inbuilt stand.

Special Note:

    If you are really short on budget and want to invest your hard-earned money on a good product? You should blindly go for the DBPOWER RD810X.

3. DR. J Professional [Latest Upgrade] – Projector Under 100


DR.J L8 is a unique model that you will find familiar in almost every expert’s list of top cheap projectors, and they prefer it for the output quality it offers at a budget rate. It is an upgraded model that comes with some unique attributes thus making it worth every penny you pay for it.

Features in a Nutshell

  • Maximum 1080p resolution support.
  • 2600 lumens of brightness.
  • 2000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Lamp longevity: 50000hours.
  • WTD4.1.1 dual fan cooling system.
  • 3.02lbs overall weight.
  • Three years warranty.

Features Overview:

DR.J L8 is a handsomely designed compact that holds the prowess to impress you with its visual performance without boasting any high-end features. It boasts a configuration of 5 layer LCD display and 800 X 480 native resolution that yields a visual output that will surely leave you flabbergasted. Even though it comes with a cheap price tag but it hasn’t compromised either on clarity or black depth, and it’s 2000:1 static contrast ratio serves as the proof.

Whether you want to play standard SD content or Full HD movies, it will help you to enjoy all types of visuals without any degradation.

DR.J L8 bags a whopping 2600 lumens which make sure all the frames are blended with a top-of-the-line vividness. It also puts out a decent color performance, but you will expect more from it as there are other cheap models that offer better color accuracy at this price point. Longevity will never be an issue with this model as it comes with mammoth 50000hours of lamp life so you can expect it serve you more than 15 years.

What’s more? It gets the advanced WTD4.1.1 dual fan cooling system which not only keeps the device cool but lowers the fan noise by a large margin.

While hosting a movie session, the number of the crowd won’t matter, and it is due to the wide 32-170inch screen range DR.J L8 offers. Not only that it also bars you from arranging a large amount of space for the set up as it gets an excellent projection distance range of 2.5-5m. Surprisingly, it even features a dual stereo speaker, but it doesn’t provide the required audio quality.

Being a multimedia projector, it houses all the necessary connection facilities, and you will find HDMI, VGA, AV, 3.5mm audio, USB and micro SD on its rear section. Most importantly it gets three years warranty along with a full one-year refund guarantee coverage.

  • Incredible price point and totally value for money.
  • Decent image clarity with good vividness level.
  • A modern cooling system with low fan noise.
  • It supports various type of media formats.
  • Availability of one-year refund warranty.
  • It is light and easy to port.
  • The color reproduction is below par.

Special Note:

    If you are not particular about visual quality and want a projector that will fulfill the need of your evening movie session, then DR.J L8 should be your pick.


4. AAXA KP-101-01 – Best Pocket Projector Under $100

AAXA KP-101-01


AAXA KP-101-01 is a fully functional Pico projector that is loved by a vast number of customers, and everyone is quite satisfied with their performance. We added this projector not only on that basis but when we scrutinized we were awestruck by a large number of features and visual quality.

Brief Feature List:

  • Native 960 X 540-pixel resolution.
  • LCoS display technology.
  • Vibrant Color technology.
  • 15000-hour lamp life.
  • Lithium-ion battery with 80minute life.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio.


Features Overview:

AAXA KP-101-01 is a strategically curated projector that might seem ordinary in looks, but under the hood, it is loaded with proficient hardware. It is a compact Pico projector that comes in small size sturdy case, and it comfortably fits in your pocket. Despite its size, you can efficiently use it indoor as well as outdoor because it offers you screen size up to 60inch. Not only that it is preloaded with inbuilt recharge lithium-ion battery which can serve up to 80 minutes and after that, but you can also charge it using micro USB. It even comes inbuilt speaker and media player, so there is no compromise on entertainment.

AAXA KP-101-01 is geared with 960 X 540-pixel native resolution and Vibrant color technology which results in a true to life frame output. You will be thrilled by its razor-sharp clarity in every frame, and all the credit goes to its LCoS technology and 25 ANSI lumens. You can really on its longevity because the triple RGB LEDs can live up to 15000 hours. AAXA technologies have thrown all the necessary port in this project which includes mini HDMI, Audio, USB, MicroSD, and AV. You won’t have any issue while using this projector because it utilizes a simple Plug-n-play process.

  • Excellent visual output
  • Support for MHL connectivity
  • Availability of micsoSD and USB
  • Extremely portable
  • Availability of Vibrant Color technology
  • Inferior speaker volume
  • The absence of VGA
  • The build quality could have been better

Special Note:

If you are looking for an incredible pocket projector at a budget-friendly price, then you should hunt for AAXA KP 101-01. It holds all the cards that you will need from a pocket projector including performance.
Now, before jumping to the end let’s go through some common questions people often ask when they plan to buy a projector.

5. DBPOWER RD810 – The Portable Mini Projector Underneath 100



DBPower RD-810 is one of the favorite mini projectors of many buyers, and it has a huge number of happy customers. Not only that when we tested it, but we were also surprised to see the performance chart that it has produced even though it has a cheap price tag.

Brief Feature List:

  • 800 X 480-pixel native resolution.
  • 1200 lumens of brightness.
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Throw distance range between 4.9ft and 13.9ft.
  • 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio option.
  • 20 years of LED lamp longevity.
  • Three years warranty.

Feature Overview:

DBPower RD-810 is a simplistic-looking mini projector that holds the prowess to overwhelm you with its performance as well as price structure. It is packed with 800 X 480-pixel native resolution and 1200 lumens of color as well as white brightness which ensures impressive frames. You can easily play all 720p and 1080p contents because it supports up to 1080p resolution.

You can expect high clarity and razor-sharp visuals because it is geared with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 16:10 aspect ratio. It also allows you up to 15-degree keystone correction so you won’t face any major issues while changing the angle.

RD-810 is excellent for both outdoor as well as indoor purposes, and you can easily carry it anywhere you prefer. With that being said, you will be treated with a screen size range between 50inch and 150inch which will be helpful for outdoor entertainment. It uses an LED source light technology that not only offers bright visuals but also longevity regarding 30000 lamp life. To your surprise, it is compatible with all common devices and can run all modern formats. You will find ports like HDMI, USB, AV, etc. and you can even connect a smartphone, but you will need a dongle.

  • Excellent video quality at the given price point
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Simple set up process
  • Different input options
  • IT supports all the latest formats
  • Poor sound output
  • The fan makes a good amount of noise

Special Note:

If you are planning for a compact and affordable mini projector but doesn’t know which one to opt for, then we suggest you go for DBPower RD-810. It is one most efficient and economical devices you will find in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the projector work in daylight?

Yes, projectors work in daylight, but it doesn’t provide much clarity. However, a projector that has a high number of lumens and contrast ratio can produce excellent clarity and sharpness.

2. Can the projector work on the wall?

Projectors work on the only plain white wall, but if you use any other wall color with unevenness, then it will result in reduced output.

3. Which projector to buy?

Your requirement and budget will decide which projector you will buy; there are different types of projector under a different budget. Go through our articles which will assist you properly.

Check out some of these models available on today’s market: