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BenQ TH671ST – 2023 Detailed Review

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The brand BenQ TH671ST is well-known for its potent lineup of short-throw projectors, and one of them is TH671ST that has become a rage since its arrival in the market. It is a popular model among single-player gamers and movie enthusiast who loves to enjoy theatre-like visuals experience in their bedroom.


1080p short throw projector
[/komentar]1080p short throw projector BenQ TH671ST

Features Overview

Super Short Throw

Whether you have ample or tight space for setup, you can utilize its 0.69:1 throw ratio to set it closed area without worrying about space. BenQ says that you can achieve a 70inch screen from just 1m away; thus you can sit back in your bed and enjoy.

Mammoth Screen Size Options

However, the scenario changes in image size as you can expand the size from 30inches to 300inches, meaning you can afford a large crowd during movie sessions. Although the clear screen size range lies between 60inch and 120inch.

Incredible Full HD Quality

This projector is not only about super short-throw projection but also about astonishing viewing experience on the big screen. It grabs the brilliant combination of Full HD resolution and DLP technology to produce a sharp and crisp visual output.

Vivid Images

With an impressive brightness level of 3000 ANSI lumens, it ensures that you get constant striking visuals despite the light condition in the room. It is powered by the LumiExpert auto light sensor that automatically calibrates the brightness level depending upon the ambient light condition, thus ensuring maximum visual comfort.

Rich Contrast

The richness it gets from 10000:1 takes the visual quality to a whole new level as it treats you with intense clarity and sharpest black without any shade of grey. You won’t get any fuzzy visuals in this projector; instead, the visuals will provide a lot of detail, clear texture, and sharp texts.

Brilliant Color Experience

It will always mesmerize you with lifelike picture quality and intensely true colors in your movie and gaming visuals. The BrilliantColor technology with a six-segment color wheel and its ability to cover more 92% of Rec.709 ensures realistic color reproduction in all scenes.

Ultra-Smooth Gaming Visuals

Once you start playing your favorite game, it will totally submerge your eye with ultra-smooth visuals, and this is the reason it has been award the best gaming projector for 2019. It gets a low input lag of 16.67ms that with low-input technology elevates your gaming experience with motion-blur and lag-free scenes.

Cinematic 3D Output

With sharp and crisp full HD 3D output, it will transform your living room into a 3D movie hall and will get you into the middle of the scene. The best part is that you can enjoy 3D games and 3D content from HD channels without facing a downscale in quality.

Brilliant Set of Connectivities

Outfitted with HDMI, MHL, USB Type-A & B, RS232, audio-in & out, and D-Sub, it makes the projector fully prepared to connect all types of devices.

Wall Color Mode

Don’t have a screen to project? It won’t be a problem for you because you utilize wall color mode. It will allow you to project on the wall depending upon the color of the wall so that you can get the best visual quality.

Adequate Image Correction Options

You can quickly rectify any image error with ease as you will have a 40-degree keystone adjustment, 102.5% projection offset, manual focus, and 1.2x zoom.

Long Lamp Life

TH671ST is geared with a powerful 240-watt, which depicts that it can last up to a maximum of 15000hours in Lampsave mode. However, in the best visual settings, it would only provide a maximum lifespan of 4000hours.

  • Incredibly sharp and bright images.
  • Very short projection distance.
  • Ultra-smooth visuals without ghosting.
  • High color accuracy with or without calibration.
  • Good warranty coverage.
  • Poor zoom range.
  • It comes with a costly price tag.

Final Thought
BenQ TH671ST is an incredible device that has the prowess to engage you in a long movie and gaming session and that too, without making a hole in your pocket. It gets an incredible set of features that lets you utilize it for different tasks without wasting space.