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Yes! You saw it right. If you have the skills to create beautiful paragraphs and want to spread your writing, then we would be delighted to welcome you on board. We are looking for new contributors who would add blogs to our page with new ideas. So if you think your ideas comply with our niche, then contact us immediately.

We request you to send your articles or any query to [email protected]

Things To Keep In Mind As a Contributor

Length Of The Article

You should try to create an article with a minimum length of 1200 words.


The approach towards the article should be in a user-friendly manner with a good choice of words and a graspable sentence. You should try to maintain a positive tone throughout the article.


In our site, we only propagate original articles without any kind of plagiarism. Try to create a unique article with high readability so that it can engage readers. However, if we find any issue during revision, we will send you the article for correction.


The article you submit on our website won’t generate any payment from our side. Instead, we include a bio and other credentials in your article when our editor approves it. Instead of benefiting you with any payment, we market your writing skills in our website which further helps you to build a new identity in the industry. It also assists you to gain a lot of new referrals as we achieve a good number of traffic every day.


The notification time for approval and disapproval depends upon the number of articles we have received from new contributors. Generally, we notify within one to two weeks whether an article is approved or rejected. The scrutiny process followed by our team is quite thorough, and we receive a bulk of articles on a daily basis, so it adds to the notification period.

Term and Condition

We would like to notify you that once you submit your article in our site, it would imply that you have agreed to all our terms and conditions. So properly go through all the condition before opting for submission.

Our Goal

Our main aim to provide articles to our readers which will not only grab their attention but also enlighten them with new facts. Through this page, we like to promote articles which will discuss new products, tips, and advances on different electronic products especially projectors. It would be better if you can garnish your article with photos because it will make the article more attractive.

So, submit your articles related to projectors or other electronics product as soon as possible.

Why Should You Write For Us?

To provide new information to readers: Through your article, you will be sharing various new facts and tips about the projector, which will help the readers to gain proper knowledge. This information will assist them to make an appropriate decision while purchasing or using any particular product.

To help you to improve your skills: By writing articles for our site, you will learn various new things as you will be dealing with multiple types of products. By researching about new products, you will add to your learning curve which will help you in the future.

Global recognition: Your article will get worldwide recognition as visitors from various parts of the world will read your interesting article.

Interaction with top editors: While writing for us, you will get the chance to interact with our top editors who will assist you to improve your writing skills.

Growth: As a writer, you will learn a lot of new things which will boost up your personal growth. Obedience, meeting deadline, handling criticism, evaluating various information, research, etc are one of the many things that you will learn. Our site paves the path for a better future in the content writing industry.

Self Article Evaluation

Some factors to consider while writing and submitting an article;

• Check whether the article is exciting and unique.
• Make sure it is totally informative and readable.
• Whether you are using appropriate words or not?
• Is your article entirely free of grammatical error?
• Check whether all the information is relevant to the main keyword.
• Make sure the article assist the readers in every way.
• Try to create an article which solves all the issue of the readers.

Suggestions For a Successful Article

• Create your article in such a way that you want to help the reader genuinely. Input as much as relevant information possible but remember to put them in a casual tone.
• Your job is to make sure the article relatable to the reader so that they can go through the entire article without getting confused.
• Try to use simple words so that every reader can understand.
• Keep sentences as well as article short and simple. However, try to maintain a minimum length of 1200 words.
• Always make a direct approach rather than filling the article with fill up words.
• Try to create a sentence which will influence as well as convince readers.
• Opt for thorough before starting the article.
• Keep minimal grammatical error.