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ViewSonic 1080p Short Throw Projector – 2023 Detailed Review

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ViewSonic PX706HD is not your average short-throw projector; instead, it is a meticulously designed model that performs like a pro for both gaming and casual entertainment. ViewSonic has flooded this model with modern features so that it can comfortably fulfill all your entertainment requirements without hampering your budget.


viewsonic short throw projector
[/komentar]viewsonic short throw projector ViewSonic PX706HD

Features in a Nutshell

  • 1080p native resolution.
  • 0.69-0.89:1 short-throw ratio.
  • 60-120inch image size.
  • 16ms low input lag.
  • 15000hour of lamp lifespan.
  • 3-years warranty.

Features Overview

Small Projection Distance

If you don’t have much space to spare for setting up the projector, then getting this projector can solve this issue as it can project a 100inch image from 1.5m away. With 0.69-0.83:1 throw ratio, this projector is all about offering vast screen viewing experience at small places.

Standard Projection size

Despite having an excellent throw projection, it fails to grab a wide projection range, and you can only choose a size between 60inch and 120inch. However, for big size viewing, we think this range is suitable enough for all types of entertainment.

Terrific 1080p Quality

All thanks to its 1080p native resolution, it will leave you in awe its unmatched visual textures and rich image detailing in all your movies and games. The 0.65inch DC3 DLP technology also makes a huge impact on the impressive visual quality by oozing out all the elements clearly.

Bright Images

The vividness in images it brings out is simply incredible, and it stays intact in most of the lighting conditions. It comes with a whopping 3000 lumens of brightness that creates ultra-sharp images meaning it also enhances the lucidity in color output.

Splendid Contrast Ratio

With a high contrast ratio of 22000:1, it brings out all the details in both dark and bright images without sacrificing the quality. It maintains deep black shades in every movie and game without a tinge of gray.

Rich Color

All thanks to its SuperColor technology, it delivers best-in-class color quality in your videos and highlights all the color in its truest form. It also gets the support of 1.07billion display color that allows the projector to have comprehensive color coverage.

Clear 3D Viewing Experience

Enjoy all your favorite 3D movies and games without any rainbow effect, and the credit goes to its full HD 3D support. Whether a media player, Blu-ray player, tablet, or HDMI enabled laptop, you can play full HD 3D from any source.

Striking Gaming Performance

It is engineered with a 16ms low input lag that not only ensures silky smooth videos but also accelerates the frame rate so that you can get a competitive advantage. It also packs a gaming mode that automatically highlights the visibility in dark areas, giving you the chance to spot your enemy quickly.

All-Round Connectivity

Connecting various types of devices won’t ever create any issue as it comes with all the suitable ports which comprise HDMI, USB Type C and B, composite, D-Sub, and audio-out. It also gets an instant activation system where the projector will start automatically upon the detection of HDMI or power cable.

Decent Lamp Life

Although it doesn’t get mammoth lamp longevity its 15000hour of lifespan is sufficient enough to make it last for 3years with daily usage.

Immersive Audio

The meticulous combination of 5-watt speaker and SonicExpert technology will engulf you in immersive audio with clear sound and dialogues. It even gets a SonicMode that is dedicated to gaming, and it will help you hear the conversation clearly and recognize sound direction.

Admirable Warranty Coverage

Usually, projectors come with a one-year limited warranty, but this short-throw model packs a lengthy 3-years limited parts and labor warranty. Importantly, it also gets one-year lamp warranty coverage.

  • Optimum brightness in all ambient conditions.
  • Super smooth visual full HD quality.
  • Cinematic 3D output without any rainbow issue.
  • It takes a few feet to project a 100inch image.
  • Poor volume level.
  • No horizontal keystone correction.

Final Thought
If you are in dire need of a projector that will offer excellent visual quality in both gaming and movie sessions in a limited space, then ViewSonic PX706HD should be your target. It packs all the essential features so that you won’t require any external device to meet your entertainment requirement.

Watch the following video for a review of ViewSonic projector: