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LG PF1000UW – 2023 Detailed Review

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The LG PF1000UW ultra short throw smart home projector is an exclusive projector that, with its incredible visual performance, can put any high-end model into shame. Sporting a compact and sleek look, it hosts a large number of modern features and, most notably, Smart TV and Bluetooth. For me, the LG PF1000UW has proven to be the premium choice for home entertainment.

  • Seamless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Availability of numerous streaming apps.
  • Huge lamp life.
  • High quality and bright full HD videos.
  • A room’s ambient lighting can affect image quality.
  • At times the Smart TV system might lag.

Features Overview

Compact Throw Distance and Projection Range

You will be surprised by the distance the LG PF1000UW projector needs to place your favorite movie on your screen. It requires only a 4.3inch distance from the screen to host a 60inch screen size, which is really impressive. Although it only gets a low screen size range of 60-100inch but lets you achieve 100inch from just 15inch away thus you won’t have space issue in your apartment.

Clear Full HD Resolution

Geared with a native 1080p resolution, it enables you to watch all the recent movies in high quality with your family and friends. It also packs a DLP projection system, which also ensures %100 reproduction of video content with optimum lucidity.

Sufficient Lumens Amount

The 1000 ANSI lumens figure might seem low to you, but we can assure that it proficient enough to splash bright images even in ambient light.

Contrast Ratio

Having a high 150000:1 contrast ratio, it gives you a deep shade of black in all the images without any high tint of grey. It also helps in bringing out a good color depth in all the video frames.

Wide Variety of Aspect Ratio

Generally, all entertainment projectors get a 16:9 aspect ratio as it serves as the ideal ratio for display full HD contents. But with this projector, you will also get Cinema Zoom, Just Scan, Original, Zoom, and 4:3 aspect ratio.

Immense Lamp Longevity

The feature that will surprise you the most is the 30000hours of lamp life that can last up to a decade. Moreover, the lamp ensures adequate natural color saturation in all the movies.

Smart TV

Being a smart TV, you will not only get to enjoy internet browsing on the big screen but also explore Netflix, UFC.TV, VuDu, Amazon Prime, MLB.TV, Accuweather, and many more. With the exclusive Smart TV platform, you can explore many premium content from all over the world.

Built-in TV Tuner

It also comes packed with a DTV Tuner card, which means apart from web content, you can also enjoy local TV channels on a big screen.

Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

Well, it will pamper you with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, thus enabling you to stream videos or audio from your laptop or mobile wirelessly. It also assists you to utilize Wireless Contents Share through the TV Plus app and Screen Share through Miracast for seamless streaming.

Huge Number of Ports

It gets two HDMI ports that help you to input full HD content from your computer and project it to your screen without facing any degradation. Besides, you will also get USB, HID, audio-out, RJ45, and DLNA facility for connecting different types of devices.

Image Error Adjustment

Although the number of adjustment facilities is quite low in this projector, but the auto keystone and four corner keystone is quite sufficient for modifying screen deformation.

Decent Inbuilt Speaker

LG has designed it with a dual 3-watt inbuilt speaker system that caters to the need for good audio when you are watching a movie alone or with your wife. However, for a large gathering, you will need an external speaker to achieve high volume with clarity.

Final Thought Its ultra-short throw distance remains the critical feature, and it will be ideal for people who space shortage in their homes. For me, the LG PF1000UW projector continues to be one of the best ultra-short projectors I know. Don’t forget the varied type of modern features you will enjoy, and it will reduce the need for other devices too.