Optoma GT1080 Darbee – 2021 Detailed Review

best short throw projector

Without a shadow of a doubt, Optoma GT1080 Darbee is one of the finest short throw projectors in the US market that delivers incredible video quality. Within one meter, it can splash a 100″ inch image with no stress, thus giving you enough space to make your seating arrangements. If you are into gaming, It … Read more

LG PF1000UW – 2021 Detailed Review

The LG PF1000UW ultra short throw smart home projector is an exclusive projector that, with its incredible visual performance, can put any high-end model into shame. Sporting a compact and sleek look, it hosts a large number of modern features and, most notably, Smart TV and Bluetooth. For me, the LG PF1000UW has proven to … Read more

Types of Projectors: What are the Different Kinds of Projectors

Slide projector

You should have heard the names of various types of projectors and might have confused about how do they work or which one would be perfect for you. Here in this in-depth article, we have categorized the types of projectors and discussed how they might fulfill your requirements. Let’s start…     What is a … Read more

How to Connect a Projector to a Laptop – 2021 Beginners Guide

Entertainment is something that provides power to the body mentally and physically. It removes the stress and sadness of the mind and makes one energetic and free from all woes. For this purpose, the laptop is helpful along with other instruments. But can a laptop be used for entertainment? How? The answer is yes and … Read more