Top 10 Best Star Projectors 2023 – Amazing For Home Planetarium

Our main aim is to assist you to get the finest and the ideal model that will not only bring joy to your mind but also create a peaceful atmosphere in your room. Isn’t it exciting? Yes the answer, we guess. We have come out with the top seven names which we think are the … Read more

Optoma ML750ST – 2023 Detailed Review

Optoma ML750ST

We often underestimate a projector by its size, but Optoma ML750ST will change your perception. It is a meticulously engineered product that gives you the best of both worlds that is super short throw range and a highly portable body. It is a complete package that showcases all the necessary features that you need to … Read more

Discover the Different Projection Technologies LCD vs DLP vs LED vs LCOS vs Laser


If you are looking to buy a projector surely the first question you ask yourself is which technology to choose, what is better DLP or LED? And LCD?… Anyway, there’s no better or worse. And it shouldn’t be the main reason why we chose a projector. If not more for the set of features it … Read more